Your Palate Is My Own

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I had lived in Temecula for almost twenty years when I accepted a temporary position here at Wine on a Dime. My only wine experience came from drinking socially with friends, going to visit local wineries to listen to music, or sharing our treasured Wine Country with out of town guests. It’s no secret I prefer Scotch or Bourbon, but I will succumb to peer pressure at the promise of that special bottle of wine. I am not that person who says any of the things I have heard others say about wines: “I only drink whites,” “I only drink reds,” “I like all whites except Chardonnay,” and (of course) “If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving!” In the end, I know what I like and what I don’t like once I taste it. I will try anything, and that has always been my marker for finding good wine.

I have been at the Dime for three months now, and new owners Brian and Christina have made me a part of the Dime team (I am no longer temporary help). In the past three months I have learned a tremendous amount about wine and winemaking. I still learn everyday I am at work, and sometimes “researching” on my own time. That is what this blog will be about – sharing my experiences with wine as I learn to assist you better in finding great wines.

One change I have made in my wine drinking is tasting the wine for all palates, not just my own – I really did not even know I had a palate. This may be obvious to some, but just because I love a wine (usually Cabernet Franc, Malbec or Tempranillo) does not mean that other wines are not great. If I only recommended wines that I love I would never be able to satisfy the palates of 90% of our customers! So, I am tasting to determine whose palate the wine would fit, and then when you, the customer, comes in to get wine I can point you in the right direction.

Don’t know what your palate is? No problem. I have a long history of finding wines that just taste good!

Speaking of which, for a recent holiday meal I served a bottle of Groundwork 2017 Grenache Blanc. All six of us who tasted it loved it! Stop by The Dime and pick up a bottle of this people pleaser!

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